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Ewerton Mokarzel

CEO & Partner
São Paulo


From starting as a Junior Designer within the company, Ewerton worked in the FutureBrand offices in Singapore and Australia before becoming FutureBrand São Paulo’s Executive Creative Director and Partner in 2010. Now, Ewerton is FutureBrand São Paulo’s CEO & Partner.

With a career based on experimentations, Ewerton believes that change is what makes FutureBrand who we are. When we believe everything is settled, we lose sight.

On his journey, Ewerton led projects for iconic brands in the Brazilian market including BTG Pactual, Centauro, Grupo Boticário, Hypera, JBS, Johnnie Walker, Linx, Nespresso, Nestlé, Outback, Pão de Açúcar, Porto Seguro, Santander, Sephora and Shell.