Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology, Cybersecurity, Software, SaaS, Development, Application Security

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Industry Setting

Applications, powering the digital economy with over 2 billion web applications supporting a $6 trillion global economy, are susceptible to security threats. Web application attacks account for 40% of data breaches, with 96% of web applications having vulnerabilities. While applications drive business success, they also pose significant security challenges.


Invicti, after multiple acquisitions and rebranding since its 2005 inception, faced post-acquisition growth challenges. Invicti’s VP of Corporate Communications and Brand, Kate Bachman, expressed the need to clarify their identity. A renewed vision was required to unite internal stakeholders and customers.

With a lack of clear positioning, it became challenging to elevate awareness beyond individual products. Invicti aimed to revitalize its brand to embrace its legacy, represent present-day innovations, and inspire a vision of a seamless application security future.


Extensive discovery, research, and market analysis revealed that Invicti’s story transcended the success of its code. Recognizing the foundational role of web-based applications in everyday life, the strategy aimed to position Invicti as a category-owning organization providing a security technology platform that empowers people and propels the world forward. The goal was to elevate beyond being a successful AppSec product to a visionary leader in the cybersecurity market.


Launched in May 2023 at the RSA cybersecurity show, the rebrand’s financial impact is continuing to be quantified. However, feedback from customers and competitors has been extremely positive. In an industry known for generic tech jargon, the rebrand stands out with people-centric imagery and the “Helix,” a neural network-inspired 3D animation symbolizing dynamic application security testing.

The introduction of the Octopus as the new corporate symbol aligns with Invicti’s core qualities, making it memorable and impactful in the battle between good and bad. The rebrand solidly positions Invicti as a unique and visionary player in the cybersecurity landscape.


Client/Brand Owner: Invicti – invicti.com
CEO: Michael George
CMO: Alex Bender
VP of Marketing: Kate Bachman

Private Equity Firm: Summit Partners – summitpartners.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: RLD- ricklowedesign.com
Executive Creative Director and Founder: Rick Lowe
Brand Strategy Lead: Paul Valerio

3D Illustration/Animation: Mario Domingos

Motion Graphics: John Gerweck – tooth.is