Brand Extension
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Insurance, Credit Card, Investments, Purchases, Fintech

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Industry Setting

Atlanticus focuses on an underserved personal finance segment – responsible people who have been held back by their credit score. The company offers an array of financial services including general-purpose and retailer credit cards, and end-customer finance solutions for car dealers and healthcare providers.


Atlanticus’ existing offerings tended to appeal to an older demographic. To spur growth, a new Visa® card was created specifically for younger, tech-savvy consumers. The distinct nature of the audience called for a strong, youthful brand that connects with the life journeys of those looking to build for the future. The new brand also had to be flexible enough to allow Atlanticus to offer other financial services in the future.


The discovery process included internal briefings, in-depth interviews and an extensive competitive audit. This showed that Atlanticus had distinct advantages in its segment: a strong technology platform that compares favorably to the best in the financial industry, an extended financial services ecosystem and the ability to incentivize customers by rewarding responsible behavior with higher credit limits, access to additional credit products and even cash-back rewards.

Imagine® is positioned as a stepping stone to financial wellness that is more than access to affordable credit; it offers tools and technology that can aid in the customer’s financial journey.

In an industry where products are largely similar the brand had to rely on emotion. The brand projects a young, vibrant, optimistic personality: warm, human and authentic, while being forward-leaning and digitally savvy.


The Imagine® card launched in early 2023 with a direct marketing campaign, a website – – and the Imagine Financial Center app. The strength and uniqueness of the Imagine brand is immediately apparent when users see it – something truly different in the financial services industry.


Client: Atlanticus Holdings Corporation, Imagine Credit Card –
Client Lead: Matt Zalubowski

Brand Strategists/Designers: Tenet Partners –

Senior Director, Strategy: Laura Scharf
Partner, Creative: Courtney Grier
Director, Design: Randell Holder
Account Manager: Natalie Jorgensen