Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Austria
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial, Manufacturing, Technology, Engineering, Collaboration, Transformation, Innovation, Growth, RFID, Oil, Gas, Mining, Tunelling, Smart Factory, Marine, Ports, RFID, IoT, Internet of Things

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Industry Setting

Identec Solutions is a global leader in automated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tracking solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things. It serves four verticals: Oil and Gas, Mining and Tunnelling, Smart Factory and Marine and Ports.

Headquartered in Austria, it serves customers around the world. Its products increase efficiency in production and can save lives in hazardous working environments. With a business model that is highly personal and relies on face to face interactions, Identec Solutions faced a pivotal moment during the pandemic.


With engineers grounded and sales people unable to fly to seal the deals, the crisis highlighted the need for a dramatic evolution of Identec’s approach to business and building the brand. They needed to digitize their marketing at speed to support online selling and digital engagement.


We collaborated closely with Identec’s sales, marketing, and management teams to understand and map client journeys and buying cycles and to create the tools they needed to engage digitally. The problem Identec’s customers face is that they know there are inefficiencies in the system, but when a site is huge, they are hard to find.

The creative breakthrough came with the personification of ‘Muda,’ a concept in manufacturing representing various types of waste. This personification formed the basis of a new visual language for the brand, making the intangible concept of productivity waste relatable and visible, by literally showing the ‘Muda Monsters’ hidden in a maze representing the systems.


The new brand has transformed Identec’s business, unifying their story to clients and enabling a successful shift to digital-first sales and marketing.

Identec’s team has embraced the brand’s power to tell stories, greatly increasing online content production by 200%. LinkedIn followers are up 1000%.

For the first time, Identec has initiated and closed sales remotely without the previous need for face-to-face relationship building.


Client: Identec Solutions – identecsolutions.com
Creative Director: Urban Siller
Head of Marketing: Mark Buzinkay

Brand Strategists/Designers: GW+Co – gilmarwendt.com
Founder and CEO: Gilmar Wendt
Strategy: Esther Compostella
Head of Design: Lindsay Cast
Client Partner: Awa Jaram