Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Services, Investments, Hospital investment, Health, Fosun, FosunPharma, FosunHealth

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Industry Setting

Due to the rapid growth in demand for comprehensive medical services that can serve the entire family among middle-class families in China, FOSUN Investment Group’s health industry sector has expanded from pharmaceuticals to the medical field, acquiring several hospitals and clinics with their own independent brands.


Due to the significant differences in the pharmaceutical and hospital investment industries, FOSUN PHARMA brand is difficult to simply extend to the medical service field. There are numerous member hospitals with diverse images, and although each has a reputation locally, it is necessary to shape a consistent brand image nationwide and even globally to achieve high-speed development across regions in the future.


We have completed the brand’s new naming FHC (FOSUN Healthcare), brand positioning, Brand design, and brand concept – For a more respected healthcare cause. Secure a healthier and better life.

And the structural rules of hospitals and clinics at different levels and professional directions under its umbrella. Not only has it inherited the brand assets of FOSUN Group and various hospitals, but it has also developed a brand integration roadmap that conforms to the phased development status of the business.


Today, FOSUN Healthcare Group has become the second largest non-public medical institution in the Chinese market, selected and recommended by more and more middle-class families. It has become one of the rapidly developing sectors under FOSUN Group.


Client: Shanghai Fosun Healthcare Co., Ltd. – fosunpharma.com
Brand & Communication Department: Reven Wong

Brand Strategists/Designers: LBE Brand Consulting – lbebrand.com

Chief Creative Officer, Creative Director: Li Miaojie
Strategy Director: Zhu Weixiong
Project Manager: Wang Wei
Art Director: Pan Geng
Strategy: Liu Xiaoshan