Brand Extension
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial, Manufacturing, Plastics, Sustainability, Environmental Protection

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Industry Setting

CHIMEI is a Taiwanese company specializing in performance materials, such as plastics, used in everything from medical equipment to earphones. It is one of Asia’s most well-known petrochemical companies but is not as widely known in other continents. Within CHIMEI’s industry, there is a huge push to become more sustainable, partly due to ESG requirements.


Many of CHIMEI’s competitors have started producing sustainable materials, like recycled plastics, which they group into a sustainable portfolio. Typically, each portfolio acts like its own brand with a name and visual identity. CHIMEI did not have any such portfolio despite achieving breakthroughs in sustainable products and processes. CHIMEI’s challenge was to create its own portfolio that stood out among competitors so that it could communicate its sustainable products and offerings to its audience.


The strategy was defining a broad portfolio scope that included green innovations and production processes, backed by a strong communications concept. To stand out, the concept “using dialogue to drive change” was chosen. This echoed CHIMEI’s dedication to self-improvement and desire to form an ecosystem of companies working together to make greener supply chains. To reinforce the concept, the portfolio was named “Ecologue,” and a visual identity was created based on speech bubbles. This would allow CHIMEI to promote more of its environmental efforts and demonstrate its genuine commitment to sustainability.


Ecologue was launched at K-Fair 2022, the world’s largest plastics convention, and became the focus of CHIMEI’s booth. It enabled CHIMEI to connect and communicate with customers and start conversations about the environment, and inspired CHIMEI to host seminars and international roadshows. Lastly, Ecologue received widespread attention from the media, strengthened CHIMEI’s image in sustainability, and led to over ten collaboration opportunities with global brands in industries like toys, home appliances, medical devices, and so on.


Client: Ecologue – Sustainable Material Solutions Division, Chimei –

Deputy Director: Andrew Hsieh
Deputy Manager: Roy Yang
Sustainable Material Specialist: Azel Lin
Sustainable Material Specialist: Chris Lin
Sustainable Material Specialist: Hans Lee
Sustainable Material Specialist: Jia Lin

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services: DDG –

Project Lead/Strategist: Yee Yan Leong
Creative Director: Jude Lin
Communications Strategist: Adela Yu
Communications Strategist: Will Mitchell
Visual Designer: Sheng Dun Lin

Illustator/Animator: Chun Chin Kao –