Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Wellness, Pharmaceuticals, Institutions, Non-Profits, Research, Cancer, Cure, Medicine, Treatment, Fundraising

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Industry Setting

What Cure Cancer does is unique within the cancer charity space. However, with their current positioning, their work and ambition wasn’t shining through. So their messaging, tone of voice and brand behavior had become diluted and undifferentiated.


To help Cure Cancer achieve their targets and improve brand engagement, saliency and awareness, we were engaged to develop a clear and unique brand strategy, voice, and visual identity, to best represent their drive for innovation. They needed the energy of a start-up, the cut-through of a challenger, and consistency across their fundraising and engagement.


Working with the board and senior team, and informed by client market research, we collaboratively developed a brand strategy framework to define a positioning to do justice to Cure Cancer’s unique place in the cancer landscape—the only NFP (not-for-profit) funding early-stage research across all forms of cancer.

Using the brand idea and personality, we built a distinct and contemporary visual identity. Starting with the logo, we evolved the old symbol into one with greater meaning. The ‘C’ is created from 14 overlapping circles, with a cool to warm color spectrum symbolizng a leap of imagination, the journey towards a cure, and a connected sense of community and the research into all cancer.

The multicolor circles inform the entire design system, from a distinctive ‘imaginative’ layer of dots to interacting with static and animated imagery. With each type of cancer given an associated color, it was easy to visually segment content into the different types of cancer research.


The revitalized identity tells the unique Cure Cancer story in a compelling way. They stand out in the space and build real, meaningful connections with their diverse audiences. The revised architecture increases brand attribution, while the shared visual elements make for increased flexibility, reduced spend, and an easier time managing the business.


Client: Cure Cancer – curecancer.com.au
Head of Marketing and Communications: Joanne de la Mare – curecancer.com.au

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – principals.com.au
Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Group Strategy Director & Principal: Tim Riches
Account Director: Federica Pala
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Senior Designer: Karen Adriano
Senior Creative Artworker: Ben Williams
Senior Writer: Ben Ashley
Senior Account Manager: Anna Kan
Motion Graphics Designer: Hayden Mathys