Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Hospitality, Hotels, Travel, Destinations, Places, Vacation, Adventure

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Industry Setting

People tend to think of travel as an escape—a chance to leave real life behind for a few days. Brightwild believes the best trip isn’t an escape from reality. It’s a closer connection to it.


Formerly One of One, Brightwild is a travel platform connecting people in real life through personalized experiences and standout stays. The brand was in need of both a new name and a new identity system, both of which needed to stand out in a crowded hospitality scene.


We created a brand centered on exploration and connection, anchored by a strong personality that balances curiosity, authenticity, and joy with a little dose of rebellious spirit.

The brand’s bold ambitions are captured in its name. The Brightwild logo brings the same refined energy to the visual identity. The brand mark and graphic devices are rooted in the idea of a creative spark, capturing the creativity and transformation inherent in the brand.

We took aim at the deferential, flavorless, and dreamy language that dominates the travel industry, crafting a brand voice with a definitive edge. Messaging appeals to the traveler who knows what kind of experience they’re looking for, even if they aren’t sure where to find it. This all rolls up into a core message—“Travel like you’ve been there”—which acts as both a call to action and an implicit promise to transform even first-time guests into local insiders.


With a bold new identity and a crystal-clear message, Brightwild not only stands out in a crowded industry—it stands for everything travel should be. They continue to successfully implement the new identity across social, a rooftop launch party, and all major touch points, even rolling out a new brand extension.


Client: Brightwild – brightwild.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Matchstic – matchstic.com