Brand Extension
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Educational Institutions and Libraries, Research, Non Profit

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Industry Setting

Australia is home to more than one million species of native plants and animals — many of which are globally unique. Unfortunately, they’re currently under threat as we experience the largest decline in biodiversity of any continent in 200+ years.

Many talented, passionate individuals in academia, research, First Nations communities and not-for-profit groups urgently came together to solve the crisis. Yet, they lacked a single body to give them a collective voice.
To scale impact, the Biodiversity Council was formed in 2022. It is an innovative think tank, powered by 11 leading
universities, Indigenous knowledge-holders and philanthropists.

[The agency] was brought in to develop a new brand positioning, story, identity and language system. As a trusted and expert voice on biodiversity loss and regeneration, the Council needed a clear, direct and optimistic brand that differentiated them.


We uncovered an inclusive spirit that led us to a powerful brand idea: “it’s up to all of us”. A warm and constructive brand came to life that connects naturally with diverse audiences — from concerned citizens, to business leaders, and policy makers. It engages disaparate groups in the pressing issue of biodiversity loss in an informative, constructive, and action-orientated way.

To accompany the strategy, we developed an identity that celebrates the unique beauty and diversity of Australia’s
natural world. Yet, it still acknowledges that progress relies on everyone.


Our new brand identity champions biodiversity in all its amazing expressions, rather than adopting a single, figurehead species as the hero.

At the heart of the design system are the building blocks of life. The visual identity fuses scientific credibility with the vibrancy and variety of the world around us. A modular design meets a nature-inspired palette of warm and cool tones, intelligent typography, and a rich photographic style.


Client: Biodiversity Council –
Lead Councilor: Brendan Wintle

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals –
Strategy Director, Principal: Wayde Bull
Strategy Director, Principal: Moensie Rossier
Account Director: Federica Pala
Senior Writer: Niam Slevin
Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Senior Designer: Jordan Demetriou
Designer: Karen Adriano
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Creative Artworker: Nathan Mcvilain
Digital Production Lean: Simon Ly
Senior UX Consultant: Dee Mason