Component Rebrand
Country Base: United Arab Emirates
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Events, Entertainment, Leisure, Exhibitions, Innovation, Networking

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Video, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

Big 5 is one of the largest and most enduring trade shows representing MEASA’s (Middle East, Africa, and Southern Asia) construction industry. This century, the region has experienced massive urban development; Big 5 is where the region’s building trade meets and does business.


The show grew out of its Dubai base and now hosts events in several countries, covering the 360° construction supply chain, from Planning to Facilities Management. Big 5 has helped the Middle East develop over the last 40 years, but its brand was neglected. The function of Marketing and Brand was confused with the brand suffering increasing amounts of needless complexity.


Big 5 had become synonymous with the construction industry. This insight empowered us to remove words like ‘the’, ‘construction’ and ‘event’ from the brand. Big 5 exists ‘to contribute to the success of their audience’, More than an exhibition, they are an essential media platform bringing an industry together to showcase best practices.

The new vision ‘to facilitate and accelerate the industry’s evolution’ built a promise to ‘provide the platform that empowers the development of the construction industry’. The brand values of ‘Bold’, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Supportive’ are now building a culture under the archetype of the ‘Networker’ who helps facilitate growth by providing the ‘Ultimate Development Platform’.

We trimmed all shading and dimensional complexity revealing a colorful iconic core. Coupled with a new ‘Network. Grow. XL.’ slogan (‘XL neatly expresses notions of ‘scale’ and ‘excellence’) and placed within a constructive design aesthetic, a simpler and more robust brand emerged.


The brand rolled out to an overwhelmingly positive response from both internal and external stakeholders. The frontline team reported greater efficiencies in terms of delivery of the brand, as well as improvement and greater numbers of positive responses from sales prospects and future events attendees.


Client/Brand Owner: DMG Events –
Vice President for Marketing: Faye Rosewall Black

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unisono International WLL –
Executive Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Director of Strategy: Amy Morgan