Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Business, Professional Services, Industrial, Manufacturing, Technology, Computer Hardware, Software, SaaS, B2B, Technology, System Integration

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Industry Setting

AUO is one of the world’s top panel makers. Starting as a leading display technology and solutions provider, AUO has diversified its business operations into smart vertical industries to align with its strategies and goals. As their panel business is highly dependent on economic waves or market trends, AUO didn’t want to rely solely on panels to sustain their operation, performance, and revenue.


Since 2018, AUO has expanded its offering capabilities beyond panel manufacturing by acquiring companies or opening new subsidiaries. Due to the rapid expansion, there was no internal consensus on the company’s unique positioning and identity and how to integrate the newly acquired companies. The market was also unaware that AUO was changing and extending its offerings. Not only did their success as a panel supplier overshadow their experience and ability to provide solutions in these verticals, but the visual image and communications did not reflect these changes.


The rebranding efforts were to help convey AUO’s business transformation effectively to internal and external audiences. One of the strategies was to shift AUO’s company-wide mindset so that they see themselves as the interface that integrates technologies. Another was to show AUO how to leverage their core competencies to support various vertical needs such as mobility, industrial automation, education, and medical.

The message Tap Into Possibilities highlighted that AUO has changed and expanded from the panel business. By using various colors and geometric shapes to form an expressive and dynamic identity system, AUO is seen as a progressive technology company that explores new solutions and applications.


AUO has successfully portrayed its transformation to an innovative technology company, expanding its business and attracting more young talent to join the company. The company’s revenue from non-panel-related businesses increased from 9% to 14% within a year after rebranding and is expected to increase to 20% by 2025.


Client: Auo – auo.com
Chief Sustainability Officer: Amy Ku
Corporate Communication Director: Jessie Lee
Brand Management Senior Manager: Eve Huang

Brand Strategists/Designers: DDG – ddg.com.tw
Brand Strategist: Martin Lu
Communication Strategist: Camilla Tenn
Communication Strategist: Alex Chan
Creative Director: Kris Tsao
Senior Designer: Camile Lin
Video Director: Kevin Hsu