Brand Extension
Country Base: India
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Education, Design, Innovation, Management, Entrepreneurship, Digital Technology, Communications, Consulting Services, Management Consultants, Academic Institutions, Colleges, Universities

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Industry Setting

In India’s higher education landscape, Atlas SkillTech University shines as a trailblazer, offering diverse programs in Design & Innovation, Management & Entrepreneurship, and Digital Technology. As the country’s first private skill-tech university, Atlas excels with international collaborations, interdisciplinary education, and a focus on preparing students for a VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).


In 2022, Atlas SkillTech University faced a pivotal challenge – creating a unique brand identity while leveraging the success of ISDI (Indian School of Design & Innovation) in partnership with Parsons New School. Our task was to establish a cohesive brand for Atlas, encompassing five founding schools and a diverse range of academic programs, maintaining a balance between uniqueness and continuity.


Our strategy unfolded through deep research, capturing the essence of Atlas SkillTech University. Targeting an ambitious generation, the brand narrative emphasizes a cutting-edge educational ecosystem that empowers students as co-creators of their futures. Integrating the strengths of ISDI and ISME, the brand highlights a tech-integrated curriculum, innovation, industry readiness, and a global perspective.


Atlas SkillTech University’s success is both vibrant and measurable. Full program admissions validate the resonance of our brand strategy with students and families. Achievements include curriculum partnerships with international schools and collaborations with esteemed universities. Recognition in the Times Education Icons 2022 and visits by industry leaders like Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, solidify our standing as a prestigious institution in education and innovation.


Client/BrandOwner: Atlas SkillTech University –

• Founding President: Dr. Indu Shahani, Atlas SkillTech University – On Linkedin
• Co-Founder and Executive President: Siddharth Shahani, Atlas SkillTech University – On Linkedin
• Chief Digital Officer: Imran Kapadia, ISDI Mumbai – On Linkedin
• Senior Director – Marketing & Admissions: Manish Dalmia, Atkas SkillTech University – On Linkedin
• Pro Vice Chancellor (Admission): Bulbul Chaudhary, Atlas SkillTech University – On Linkedin

Brand Strategists/Designers: Eumo DesignIntelligence –

• Brand Strategist: Priyadarshini GP
• Lead Associate Visual Communication: Lubdha Joshi
• Lead Associate Visual Communication: Raghavendra Chaitanya
• Designated Partner: Shanoo Bhatia
• Lead Associate, Design Operations & Strategy: Suman Kuniyal
• Production Head: Philip Joseph
• Production Head: Navin Pandey

Website Design: Atlas SkillTech University –