Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial, Manufacturing, Industrial, Distribution, Mergers and Acquisitions

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Industry Setting

After Anvil International and Smith-Cooper International – both suppliers of industrial pipe fittings, valves, hangers and supports – merged, a single brand was needed to unify the organization and signal the arrival of a new industry leader.


Neither company could be seen as dominant. While the merger created a single company on paper, legacy operations remained largely discrete. Both legacy corporate logos and names were still in use, and employees still identified with the company they had been working for pre-merger.


The brand was the result of extensive internal and external research, along with virtual workshops using a novel approach developed due to COVID-19.

ASC Engineered Solutions was selected to bring forward the equity of both legacy names while elevating the brand to its desired status as a solutions provider that emphasizes engineering excellence. The tagline, “Building connections that last,” carries multiple meanings, referring to quality products and strong relationships both inside the company and with customers.

The logo and design system reinforce this, graphically depicting both precision and connectedness: a clear departure from the past and a visual presence that stands out. The flexible system also lends itself to visual refreshes of ASC’s portfolio while maintaining product brand equity.

Extensive communications and employee engagement supported rollout, including a “train the trainer” program for brand ambassadors who would then train employees throughout ASC.


The brand captures the best of Anvil and Smith-Cooper. In the two years after launch, revenue grew 35%, putting ASC on track to meet their goal of doubling the business in 5 years. Five companies were acquired and integrated into the ASC brand. ASC was also selected as the 2022 Supply House Times Ring of Honor winner, a prestigious award in the industry.

According to the client, the rebrand “energized its teams and boosted the pride they feel… and was seen by both employees and customers as a tangible sign that ASC truly is one company, coming together and poised for growth.”


Client: ASC Engineered Solutions – asc-es.com
Client Lead: Tim Fox

Brand Strategists/Designers: Tenet Partners – tenetpartners.com

Senior Partner, Strategy: Beth Flom
Senior Partner, Creative Director: Andrew Bogucki
Senior Partner, Data Science: Kellan Williams
Senior Director, Strategy: Laura Scharf
Partner, Strategy: Nero Persaud
Director, Editorial Services: Andrew Douglas
Senior Partner, Digital: Larry Roth
Partner, Design: Courtney Grier
Director, Design: Annick Wydooghe
Director, Design: Mary Stroup
Director, Design: Randell Holder
Account Manager: Natalie Jorgensen
Associate Account Director: Alyx Prinz