Component Rebrand
Country Base: Bahrain
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Property Developments, Facilities Management and Maintenance, Real Estate

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Industry Setting

Bahrain’s real estate sector has been rapidly growing and developing over the last two decades; however the downstream proposition of property and facilities management has lagged. While there were a number of large international players, local firms offering professional maintenance and management services under the banner of a believable brand remained few and far between.


Amana started life as a division of Edamah, the property development firm of Bahrain’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. Edamah’s Property Management Company (EPMC – the former name of Amana) provided facilities management (FM) and related services. However, the proposition remained somewhat unfocused and the proximity of the parent brand also detracted from Edamah’s desired positioning. A new brand was required to maximize advantage through focus and clear strategic intent.


We discovered EPMC’s ‘Why’ or essence was ‘to find a better way and share it’. This provided the foundation for its vision and brand promise as well as the organization’s three core values. These in turn underpinned the brand’s persona, helping define and reinforce the new positioning. We worked with the team to create a new Amana* brand. The iconic form is a structural unit comprised of two self-supporting forms. The primary palette expresses the brands dynamism, while the secondary palette conveys a sense of responsible collaboration. Everything about the brand spoke to its technical focus and energetic ‘delivery focused’ character.

*Meaning ‘support’ and ‘trust’ in Arabic

Strategic Summary
* Vision – To facilitate enhanced experiences
* Promise – To help people and places perform better
* Values – Dynamism, Collaboration & Responsibility
* Positioning – Empowering property performance
* Persona – A force of creativity, devotion, and discipline


Amana has empowered the Division to grow into a stand-alone entity that owns the FM and management aspect of the Group’s business – driving the creation of dynamic, results-driven culture and impactful communications. This, in turn, has liberated Edamah from the associated operational functions, allowing it to fully own its position as a creative entity capable of inspiring new business opportunities and developing the future landscape of Bahrain. The resulting Amana brand has attracted business opportunities, media attention and professional employees, resulting in the team feeling ‘empowered and able’ to build out the new offer.


Client/Brand Owner: Amana Property Management –
General Manager: Waleed Ali

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unisono International WLL –
Executive Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Director of Strategy: Amy Morgan