Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Investments, Superannuation, Wealth, Membership Services

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Industry Setting

To kick-start step-change growth and reinvigorate its member base, Local Government Super (LGS) needed to reposition itself to appeal to a broader range of members beyond public service. We identified the truth that encapsulated LGS’s responsible investment philosophy and made it exciting to a new generation, while bringing existing members along. With a new name, Active Super, and a bold new identity, we’ve shaken up the sector and set Active Super up for success.


The competition often adopted one of two approaches to design – corporate and boring, or militant, speaking to young activists (not necessarily older people looking to protect their wealth). We needed both. To excite and stand out for everyone, reassuring members, while appealing to a new generation of ethically-motivated Australians.


Putting LGS’s investment philosophy – “we believe responsible investing underpins strong performance” – at the core of the brand strategy, we developed the strategic brand idea, “Building wealth on good foundations”. This builds on the organization’s community heritage, while sending strong signals about the performance benefits of responsible investing.

This inspired our new visual identity, “The clean green investing machine”, as well as our language studio to create the new name – Active Super – along with a vibrant new brand voice.


Our research indicated that the youthful, optimistic brand appealed to generations of community-minded people, who saw their success and sustainability as intertwined. The illustration style was seen as bold, modern, and colorful, with a serious message delivered playfully.

The brand performance and business results were rapid and transformational. Brand tracking showed the rebrand put Active Super in the top four performing super brands (just behind the behemoth Australian Super, in 3rd place). Within three months, the rebrand turned around a member decline and restored Active Super to net member growth.


Client: Active Super: activesuper.com.au

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – principals.com.au

Strategy Director: Moensie Rossier
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Director of Language, XXVI: Hamish Cargill
Group Operations Director: Tui Horo
Account Director: Jen Currie
Creative Director: Darren Swain
Design Director: James Welch
Senior Designer: Carolina Relander
Designer: Jordan Demetriou
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Finished Artist: Nathan Mcilvain
Senior Writer: Lisa Wilson
Senior Digital Producer: Blair Patterson
Digital Design Lead: Mark Li