Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Business and Professional Services, Consulting Services, Financial Services, Insurance, Compliance Consulting, Cybersecurity, Financial Compliance

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Industry Setting

ACA Group (ACA) is a compliance consulting firm. Comprised of former regulators and senior compliance managers from prominent financial institutions, ACA could genuinely claim superior subject matter expertise.


ACA was considered the “gold standard” for financial compliance consulting but, due to acquisitions, its brand architecture was fragmented and it lacked strong recognition as a broader governance, risk and compliance (GRC) advisor. It had also invested in technology and cybersecurity, but was not fully recognized as a tech-forward company.


Based on research, a picture emerged of exceptionally intelligent, dedicated experts who go above and beyond. A key finding was the need to keep ACA’s personal touch while highlighting the value of technology. The new brand positioned ACA as the industry standard with specialized expertise, a superior customer experience and the use of technology without getting in the way of relationships. Fragmentation was addressed by retiring all acquired brands except Aponix, a flagship cybersecurity brand.

The logo and visual system reinforce ACA’s technology-forward, customer-centric narrative. By borrowing a shape from the original logo, the dynamic identity points the way forward. Shortly after launch, an internal campaign celebrated ACA’s 20-year anniversary, generating excitement around a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – to build the leading financial GRC advisory firm. “This is the moment” theme signified a unique moment, when all the pieces came together for ACA to reshape an industry.


ACA’s platform was selected by a leading global investments firm to help modernize and streamline their compliance program. In 2022, a private equity firm acquired a majority stake and created one of the world’s largest providers of tech-enabled GRC by merging ACA with Foreside Financial Group, keeping the ACA brand.


Client: ACA Group – acaglobal.com
Former Managing Director, Marketing: Krissy Kennedy

Brand Strategists/Designers: Tenet Partners – tenetpartners.com

Managing Partner, CEO: Hampton Bridwell
Senior Partner, Creative Director: Andrew Bogucki
Senior Partner, Strategy: James Cerruti
Senior Partner, Strategy: Beth Flom
Senior Director, Strategy: Laura Scharf
Director, Design: Annick Wydooghe
Account Manager: Natalie Jorgensen