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Shanoo Bhatia

Founder Director
EuMo — Eureka Moment


Shanoo Bhatia has rich experience in design and design management, leading the Mumbai-based design collective, EuMo, with co-founder Gary Grewal. The collective drives design from the forefront. Following a stringent Design Thinking approach, the team of enviable talent is multidisciplinary and is comprised of high-level creative minds trained in delivery of brands, retail experiences, digital applications, websites, and visitor experiences.

Shanoo has helped shape the design narrative in India through participation as Chairperson, National Design Committee of ASSOCHAM—Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India—and President of the Mumbai Chapter of the Association of Designers of India. She has also been part of eminent national and international design award juries and a speaker at design events.

With an unerring ability to provide strategic design thinking, Shanoo directs projects rare in scale and design opportunity. She has steered benchmark projects winning prestigious awards such as the REBRAND 100® Global Awards, Designomics, Wolda, Best Brand and the CMO retail award, on behalf of her clients.

Constantly questioning convention, Shanoo believes that design should escape the conformist confines of the craft and find expression across all dimensions. Her company, EuMo—Eureka Moment—celebrates versatility and offers clients prolific expertise under one roof. The firm’s success is due, in part, to Shanoo’s leadership as a champion of conscious and thoughtful use of cultural metaphors in her work.