2018 REBRAND 100®

So. Did you step up and prove your brand transformation magic?
Thanks for getting in the game.

Entry is now closed.

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Why you should enter

Showcase your effective brand transformation capabilities and successes to clients and prospects. The REBRAND 100 Global Awards is the first, global, highest, juried recognition for excellence in brand repositioning. Any other “similar” program is simply an imitator.

A few winners benefits

There is a mix of premium and in-demand benefits for winners. A few include:

  • Prestigious Global Recognition
    Your firm or brand will be showcased on the only, global, renowned site focused on effective brand transformation
  • Full Page Online Display
    You will have our help in sharing your brand and expertise via our outreach network as we drive many to view the showcases. You will also be able to direct your clients and prospects to the official display that highlights your expertise.
  • Winners Logo License for Agency or Brand Consultant
    Agencies and brand consultants will be granted the right to display the winners logo with your work, as proof that the results you achieved for the brand is verified among peers and the business world in general
  • REBRAND’s Own Media and Social Channels outreach
    All winners in the showcase benefit from attention and focus from clients, prospects, and the interested business and industry public generated from REBRAND’s robust international media and social channels outreach

How to enter

Download the call-for-entries guidelines. You will need to read it thoroughly, and endorse that you have fully read and accepted the terms of the entry process.

Four Steps At-A-Glance: There are mainly four steps steps required.

  1. Gather examples of before and after states of your brand transformation
  2. Write a 300 word summary of your work and list of project credits
  3. Complete the entry fee assessment form, if needed, and process the transaction
    (access form by clicking check box under red Guidelines PDF button below)
  4. Complete the entry form and upload the project assets

It takes little more than those four steps to enter for consideration by our panel of experts