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Rajesh Kejriwal

Founder and CEO, Kyoorius Group

Rajesh Kejriwal is Founder and CEO of Kyoorius Group. Since 2006, Kyoorius has been at the forefront of connecting the creative community in India through programs that inform, inspire and stimulate.

An initiative of Transasia Fine Papers, Kyoorius is a not-for-profit organization that celebrates all aspects of creative communication and marketing. It seeks to provide a platform to empower and sustain the creative industries in India, and secure their rightful place in shaping the growth of the country.

Through events, regular publications and other initiatives, Kyoorius is committed to galvanizing creativity in India and inspiring future innovators. Some of those initiatives include:

Designyatra: One of the foremost international design conferences, attracting creative minds from all over the world

The Kyoorius Magazine: Focus on the best and most promising work coming out of India in design, branding and advertising and documenting the evolving visual culture of India

ZEE MELT: The two-day festival for creativity and innovation in marketing and communications filled with conferences, seminars, exhibitions, showcases, workshops and networking sessions for audiences in advertising, digital, media, PR, marketing and emerging technologies

Design Showcase: The biannual Kyoorius Showcase Book and most comprehensive directory bringing together design studios and creative agencies from across the country that is distributed to over 3,000 corporations

Kyoorius Awards: The awards created in conjunction with D&AD to honor outstanding creative work in the Indian visual communications sphere for both professionals and students

Papers by Kyoorius: Distributing and marketing premium fine papers; bringing to India some of the most innovative and effective fine papers for in an ever-evolving and always demanding industry.