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Nanne Bos

Head of Global Brand Management, ING Group
The Netherlands

Nanne Bos leads the Global Brand Management team at ING Group in Amsterdam. In that position, he is responsible for defining and executing the global branding strategy and the growth of the ING brand which stretches across 40 countries.

His achievements are demonstrated by his leadership skills in brand strategy, reputation and communications. Nanne couples those capabilities with strong analytical skills that lead to high-driving results. Most notably, his solid management skills have helped him build departments from scratch into effective, well-respected operations with innovative approaches.

Nanne’s business objectives are the key starting points in his approach to effective brand, reputation and change management. His credentials in creating campaigns and driving local implementation through local network structures have been well-applied.

Prior to his current role at ING, Nanne was a member of the board of ING Insurance Benelux with responsibility for the brand and the reputation of the insurance activities in the Benelux. He has over 15 years of experience in media and technology with various companies including positions with Siemens, CMG and Atos Worldline.

Nanne holds a BA in Finance and Marketing from the European University and an MA from the University of Exeter. He is currently in the Executive Masters program at INSEAD. In addition to his role at ING, Nanne is a member of the Supervisory Board of the International Brand and Reputation Community, INBREC.