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Jonni Kuutsa

Partner, Managing Director and Chief Designer
Porkka & Kuutsa Oy

Jonni Kuutsa is founding partner of Porkka & Kuutsa Identity & Branding, the Helsinki-based agency he founded in 1996 with his partner Antti Porkka. Since the launch of the firm, he has been the company’s Managing Director and Chief Designer. Today, Porkka & Kuutsa has one of the longest and most successful track records among Finnish agencies concentrating in identity design and branding.

In addition to its acclaim in Finland, Porkka & Kuutsa is a consultancy that is internationally renowned. In working with clients, their approach is to first establish an identity that crystallizes the personality of the company or organization. This serves as the foundation upon which the visual form and design are derived. The personality, represented by the identity, must be a story that each and everyone in the company can tell in his own words. It is a story that conveys the zest of the company. Therefore, it is a tool of leadership.

With an impressive list of clients that include the Finnish Refugee Council, EU-China Business Summit, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, to Finnish Energy Industries, Porkka & Kuutsa has been recognized with various international awards. The agency’s work has also been presented in numerous international publications. Having been highly commended for their transformational success for clients by past jurors of the renowned REBRAND 100® Global Awards, their recent work for Granlund Oy, Finland’s leading building services consulting firm, was recently honored with Distinction in the global program.

Jonni holds a Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Aalto University in Helsinki. Prior to co-founding Porkka & Kuutsa Oy, he worked as a designer at several companies in the publishing and broadcasting sectors. Since 1996, he has been solely focused on branding and identity design at Porkka & Kuutsa, and helping to drive the agency’s remarkable success.